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The Master’s Butler business concept was conceived in 1998 in North Little Rock, Arkansas, but was not launched until March 1, 2008 in Foley, Alabama. The concept of having a team of people dedicated to serving the Master (Christ Jesus) as paid butlers came from the founder’s God given vision of lifelong service to others. He felt that if he was called to serve the Master in every activity of life and continue that through retirement, without falling into the normal inactive routine leading to a slow death, that others may also share in that view and want to team up to add extra value and wisdom into client’s lives. We have chosen to dedicate ourselves to add time, comfort, and trust to your families and businesses.

Our mission is to provide superior services to clients who are unable to complete task for themselves due to lack of time, lack of knowledge, or lack of ability. By doing this we expect to reflect the glory of the Master (Christ Jesus). We are dedicated to the client by working with people who have the desire to serve others by using their God-granted skills and do not want to waste their lives and wisdom, but desire to share it with the clients they meet along life’s path. You have selected a trustworthy assistant to add the extra time you need to enjoy your life and family.

Our Services

Vacationing, Busy, Injured, Need a great gift? A Butler on-call or scheduled for a recurring task can provide you the TIME, ABILITY, and APPRECIATION for which you are looking! Our ability to provide such a wide range of services allows you a one-stop service for all the task on your To-Do list.

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At Home Services

  • Vendor Wait Services
  • Property/Pets/Plants Sitting
  • Vehicle Detailing
  • Organizing
  • Maid Service
  • Lawn Service
  • Vendor Locator
  • Grocery Delivery*
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Executive / Business Needs

  • Vacation Rental Support
  • Employee Recognition Gift Certificates
  • Personnel Personal Task Support Services
  • Courier
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Property Owner Support (Vacation or Estate)

  • Eyes and Ears Service (Watchcare)
  • Secure Key Access Service
  • Guest On-call Services
  • High-End Added Value Guest Services

* Grocery delivery for qualified customers only. Contact Us to see if you qualify.


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